As Treasurer you are the go-to person for anything money-related. You are responsible for keeping track of the income and expenses made within the organization. You are responsible for paying back creditors and making sure debtors pay back in time. You exert control on committee treasurers to ensure that the organization as a whole stays within the predetermined budget. Therefore, you are also responsible for making the half-yearly and yearly realized budget. As Treasurer you need to be able to work in a highly structured and standardized way.

 Tasks that you will have:

  • Setup a budget plan at the beginning of the year; make a half- and year-financial report
  • Have a sound overview of ESN Nijmegen’s expenses and income
  • Reimburse ESN members who paid for the organization of events or prizes
  • Pay for ESN Nijmegen regarding larger sums, e.g. for planned excursions, or for PR material
  • Come up with suitable payment solutions for various occasions (e.g. charity events, doing office hours outside our office, online payment etc.)

The Treasurer ususally...

  • Likes working in a team & is good at coordinating with a team
  • Has some experience with accounting, can handle numbers with ease
  • Works in a structured and organized manner
  •  Is conscientious