The Board

An Introduction to the VIth Board of ESN Nijmegen


The Board of ESN Nijmegen are the people in charge of the organization for one year. They guide the organization and try to reach goals that they set themselves at the start of a Board year. There’s a Board member responsible for each aspect within the organization. Another task of the board is to be a contact person for Active Members in committees that organize events independently, but are coordinated through Board Members. Other tasks that the Board has are to take care of communication with external actors, such as the universities in Nijmegen, interaction with other student organizations in Nijmegen, and other ESN sections in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

Katherine Flucher - President & External Relations Manager

I am a Master’s Student in Human Geography with a specialization in Border studies. In my free time, I enjoy bouldering, cooking, going out with friends, and exploring all that Europe and the Netherlands have to offer! 


As the President you:

  • chair the meetings
  • take the lead on writing internal documents
  • are aware of everything that is happening within the association and, if necessary, you support other board members
As the External Relations Manager you:
  • represent ESN Nijmegen to the International Offices of Radboud University and HAN
  • represent ESN Nijmegen to the umbrella association
  • write a newsletter for external parties
Contact information: [email protected] or [email protected]

Tamara Woitge - Secretary

I am a third year psychology student from Germany. I love cosy breakfasts at home or in fancy cafés around Nijmegen. I enjoy going on walks or visiting artsy events – but most of all, I enjoy ESN activities!


As the Secretary you:

  • take the minutes during meetings
  • send out the monthly newsletters and handle the general email communication of the association
  • make most of the schedules and schedule the meetings 


Contact information: [email protected] or [email protected] 

Nutsa Gudushauri - Treasurer

I am 22 years old, and I am from Georgia. I am in my third year of the Economics and Business Economics programme at Radboud University. In my free time I like to do sports or play the piano. 


As the Treasurer you: 

  • create the annual budget for the organisation
  • are in charge of all financial reports of the organisation
  • keep track of everything that involves money

Contact information: [email protected]

Malkia Ndoole - Integration Manager

I am a second year International Social Work student at the HAN. I have a passion for books and spend an insane amount of time listening to podcasts on the psychology of serial killers.


As the Integration Manager you: 

  • organize events and campaigns related to the ESN causes
  • work together with other parties that help organizing events related to the ESN causes
  • work closely together with the Integration Committee 

Contact information: [email protected]

Nina van Loosen - PR Manager

I am a Master’s student of Global Communication and Diversity. Besides studying and working for ESN, I really enjoy traveling and visiting friends all over the world. I was born in Germany, but I lived in New Zealand, Ireland, and now the Netherlands – I love being surrounded by the international spirit!


As the PR Manager you: 

  • provide leadership in all matters related to promotion, public relations, and the corporate identity of ESN Nijmegen
  • are the first-point of contact for the association’s online and offline communication
  • work closely together with the PR committee to coordinate the social media content creation

Contact information: [email protected]

Amal Yagoubi - Partnerships Manager

I am a third year bachelors Law student. Most of my free time is spent hanging out with my roommates, going to concerts and traveling!


As the Partnerships Manager you: 

  • maintain mutually beneficial relationships with all partners of ESN Nijmegen
  • approach potential partners of ESN Nijmegen and possibly negotiate with them
  • ensure that all contracts with partners are up-to-date

Contact information: [email protected]

Sebastian Gingerich - Internal Affairs Manager

I am a third year exchange student from Canada studying commerce with a major in Business Economics and Law. In my free time I enjoy cycling and travelling Europe.



As the Internal Affairs Manager you:

  • take the lead in the recruitment process for new active members and new board members 
  • organize Active Member events 
  • are the point of contact when internal problems occur

Contact information: [email protected]

Sebastian Professional Pic