The President is in charge of the board and of making sure that everything runs the way it should. Therefore, the President is the main administrator of the Board. They make sure everyone knows what they do. Further, the President is responsible for effective and efficient work of the Board. The President is the “keeper of rules and regulations”; they are always aware of ESN’s rules and statutes. The President ought to be aware of all procedures as wellThe President makes the agendas for each board meeting and general member meetings, with that will also chair those meetings.

Tasks that you will have:

  • Setup agendas for Board meetings and general members meetings; chair those meetings
  • Make sure everything is running the way it should & plan enough ahead (short-term and long-term)
  • Be aware of the basic ‘rules’ and make sure everybody at ESN Nijmegen is following them
  • Checks in with Board members or committees if they are having a difficult time doing their tasks, ideally together with the Internal Affairs Manager
  • Accompanies the External Affairs Manager to external meetings
  • Represents and votes for ESN Nijmegen at national ESN events

The President usually...

  • Likes working in a team & is good at coordinating with a team
  • Can handle responsibility
  • Makes decisions with ease and is considerate of other opinions in the Board
  • Works in a proactive, structured, and organized manner
  • Is conscientious