The Partnership Manager upholds the relationship with partners and sponsors. It is the task of the Partnership Manager to arrange discounts and special deals through the ESNcard with local businesses. The Partnership Manager and the PR Manager should work together intensively to promote the partners in return for the discounts the partners provide to ESN Nijmegen. Furthermore, the Partnership Manager is also in charge of booking a location and he or she is the contact person of the partners.

Tasks that you will have:

  • Respond to partnership requests that come in via email & contact potential partners on your own initiative
  • Arrange meetings with partners & potential partners to e.g. explore interests, make arrangements, renew am old contract
  • Put agreements down in a contract that will be signed by both parties
  • Communicate arrangements regarding PR promotion with the ESN PR Manager (e.g. Facebook or Instagram posts)
  • Add new partners to the ESN website

The Partnership Manager usually...

  • Likes working in a team & is good at coordinating with a team
  • Can express own interests and listen to the interests of others
  • Ideally has some knowledge about contracts and legal matters
  • Works in a proactive, structured, and organized manner
  • Is conscientious