10% discount

  • €2.50 discount on MysticGolf, you can also take one non-member with you who can also get the discount. 
  • Package deal for €10 each, with at least 15 people. It is valid from Tuesday until Thursday from 19:00 until 22:00. The package includes the following:
    • Laser tag game (15 minutes)
    • Lasersquash (2 minutes per person)
    • One beer or soda
    • If you want to have 15 minutes more, it is just €5 extra per person.



During ESN events the following discounts are available:

  1. Beer (25cl) for €2,30
  2. Wine for €2,60
  3. Longdrink mix for €3,50
  4. Shot (2cl) for €2,50 

The discounts are available at Sjors en Sjimmie, Malle Babbe, El Sombrero, Stretto, Skihut, Drie Gezusters, BAR 2 and Cafe van Buren

15% discount

Their offers for use are:

Cheese spring rolls €4,50

Special beer from a tap € 3,80

Beer € 2,10

Soda € 2,00

Wine € 3,00

*These discounts on drinks can be applied only at ESN events


  • 1 for €7.25 To bask in all it's glory and tell others about the mindblowing experience you just had
  • 2 - 9 for €6.75 each when chilling with a couple of mates
  • 10 - 49 for €6.25 each for hectic pre-drink drinks
  • 50+ for 5.50€ each for hungry night.

Coop gives ESN discounts when buying food for events

10% discount

Do you sometimes feel lonely, do you find it difficult to study and/or motivate yourself, or do you just need someone who listens to you? Your student days are not always fun. Frisse Gedachtes is a free online platform where you can contact psychology students or experience experts anonymously. You choose the student you talk to. 

Many internationals are willing to integrate in Dutch society, especially if they can make some extra cash while doing so. A part-time job seems the perfect solution to this desire, and fortunately, that is exactly what International Students Work does.

International Students Work helps international students find a part-time job. They facilitate integration by matching part time jobs to internationals and local companies. 

They will give a workshop on one of our events about working in the Netherlands. So, if you are interested, keep an eye on our social media! Of course you can also register on their website: https://www.internationalstudentswork.nl