10% discount on foreign and second-hand books and on planners and calendars


10% discount

  • €2.50 discount on MysticGolf, you can also take one non-member with you who can also get the discount. 
  • Package deal for €10 each, with at least 15 people. It is valid from Tuesday until Thursday from 19:00 until 22:00. The package includes the following:
    • Laser tag game (15 minutes)
    • Lasersquash (2 minutes per person)
    • One beer or soda
    • If you want to have 15 minutes more, it is just €5 extra per person.



During ESN events the following discounts are available:

  1. Beer (25cl) for €2,30
  2. Wine for €2,60
  3. Longdrink mix for €3,50
  4. Shot (2cl) for €2,50 

The discounts are available at Sjors en Sjimmie, Malle Babbe, El Sombrero, Stretto, Skihut, Drie Gezusters, BAR 2 and Cafe van Buren

15% discount

5% discount

10% discount on the following trips:
"The Maas en Waal Tour" (3 days), "The Maas en Waal Team-building" (2 days), and "The Maas en Waal Paddle" (1 day)*

*"The Maas en Waal Paddle" (1 day) requires a minimum of four participants to be booked. 

Discount code: ESNNijmegen




  • 1 for €7.25 To bask in all it's glory and tell others about the mindblowing experience you just had
  • 2 - 9 for €6.75 each when chilling with a couple of mates
  • 10 - 49 for €6.25 each for hectic pre-drink drinks
  • 50+ for 5.50€ each for hungry night.

Coop gives ESN discounts when buying food for events

10% discount