The Board of ESN Nijmegen are the people in charge of the organization for one year. They guide the organization and try to reach goals that they set themselves at the start of a Board year. There's a Board member responsible for each aspect within the organization. Another task of the board is to be a contact person for Active Members in committees that organize events independently, but are coordinated through Board Members.
Other tasks that the Board has is to take care of communication with external actors, such as the universities in Nijmegen, interaction with other student organizations in Nijmegen, and other ESN sections in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

Without further smalltalk, here they are:

Romy Bardoel - President & Partnerships
The President is in charge of the board and of making sure that everything runs the way it should. Therefore, the President is the main administrator of the Board. They make sure everyone knows what they do. Further, the President is responsible for effective and efficient work of the Board.
The President is the “keeper of rules and regulations”; they are always aware of ESN’s rules and statutes. The President ought to be aware of all procedures as wellThe President makes the agendas for each board meeting and general member meetings, with that will also chair those meetings.

The Partnership Manager upholds the relationship with partners and sponsors. It is the task of the Partnership Manager to arrange discounts and special deals through the ESNcard with local businesses. The Partnership Manager and the PR Manager should work together intensively to promote the partners in return for the discounts the partners provide to ESN Nijmegen. Furthermore, the Partnership Manager is also in charge of the bookings of the location and he or she is the contact person of the partners. For matters concerning partnerships, please contact

Eileen Kochanek - Secretary & Internal Affairs Manager
The Internal Affairs Manager is broadly responsible for the work of committees and active members. The tasks include organizing recruitment and selection of active members, facilitating the process of members entering ESN Nijmegen, as well as the board - committee communication, supporting board responsible with the distribution of functions within the committees. Additionally, organizing workshops and Active Member Events, evaluations, and when possible interview meetings with prospective active members. On a more board-internal level, the Internal Affairs Manager organizes Well boarding events and takes the lead on managing the Transition Weekend at the end of the year.

The secretary works closely together with the President and the rest of the Board. The secretary is the first point of contact for outsiders of the association, they oversee the general mail contact. Further, the secretary maintains all administrative files and is also responsible for Minutes of Board meetings, GMMs and other meetings.
The Secretary also fulfils the tasks of a webmaster.

Jos Doldersum - Treasurer
As the treasurer you are the go-to person for anything money-related. You are responsible for keeping track of the income and expenses made within the organization. You are responsible for paying back creditors and making sure debtors pay back in time. You exert control on committee treasurers to ensure that the organization as a whole stays within the predetermined budget. Therefore, you are also responsible for making the half-yearly and yearly realized budget.
As a treasurer you need to be able to work in a highly structured and standardized way.

Krystian Janiszewski - Integration Manager
The Integration Manager is in charge of organizing and managing events and projects targeted at the social integration of Dutch and international students within ESN Nijmegen. This includes international ESN projects such as Mov’in Europe and Social Erasmus. She/he must ensure that ESN Nijmegen is a safe place and inclusive for all. Outside of her/his own association, she/he is also in charge of helping other associations within HAN and Radboud who ask for help with the internationalization process. This is done to also create a safe environment for internationals outside of ESN Nijmegen. In order to facilitate this integration, the integration manager serves as a direct contact person for (international) students who are experiencing problems with living and feeling at home in the Netherlands or meeting Dutch students. Through the internal affairs, she will also be the contact person for associations that need internationalization advice. She or he can share/delegate these tasks within the Touch of Dutch committee and social inclusion committee.

Serena Leandi - PR Manager
The PR manager is the position that is responsible for creating designs for visual design, sharing information through online/ offline platform, organizing the schedule for online posts, taking/ uploading pictures of events, ordering PR related goods. The promotion channel could be from tangible materials such as merchandise to intangible online campaigns. Part of these tasks are shared with the PR committee.

Christopher Sambre - External Relations Manager
The external relations manager is the contact person between ESN, Radboud University, HAN and other institutions linked to universities. Together with the President, the external relations manager attend monthly meetings with the chief of the International Office in both universities and Radboud International Students. Besides this, the external relations manager write a monthly newsletter to all the international offices of the faculties giving them an overview of the events as well as communicate them other important information. Approximately 3 times a year, I contact all the faculties to evaluate ESN performance and give feedback and ways of improving. Last, at the beginning of both semesters, all the IOs contact the external relations manager to offer the possibility to present ESN in their introduction lectures.