The Internal Affairs Manager is broadly responsible for the work of committees and Active Members. The tasks include organizing recruitment and selection of Active Members, facilitating the process of members entering ESN Nijmegen, as well as the board - committee communication, supporting board responsible with the distribution of functions within the committees. Additionally, organizing workshops and Active Member Events, evaluations, and when possible interview meetings with prospective Active Members. On a more board-internal level, the Internal Affairs Manager organizes Well boarding events and takes the lead on managing the Transition Weekend at the end of the year.

Tasks that you will have:

  • Recruit new members, put a recruitment plan together with the PR Manager into action
  • Organize onboarding of the new members (i.e. introduce them to what ESN is, what we stand for and do, what it means to be an active member, help everybody get to know each other)
  • Keep a good sprit and motivation within the ESN community
  • Organize team building events for the Active Members & the Board, and workshops for personal and professional development
  • Ensure that internal communication reaches every Member of ESN Nijmegen (i.e. about events, workshops at local, national or international level, decisions and changes in the local Board)
  • Mediate conflicts if they occur

The Internal Affairs Manager usually...

  • Likes working in a team & is good at coordinating with a team
  • Can communicate well & knows how to connect people
  • Ideally has some knowledge about Human Resources, Team Building/Faciliation, or Organizational Psychology
  • Works in a proactive, structured, and organized manner
  • Is conscientious