In the Netherlands they pay with Euro’s. Most of the time people use their debit card to pay. But you can of course still use your coins and paper money especially at the market it might be useful to have some of that since you can’t use your debit card at all market stands. It is not common to pay with your credit card in the Netherlands, at some places it might even be impossible to pay with your credit card. 

Public transport 

Using public transport is a perfect way for students to discover the Netherlands. It is easy to get everywhere you want all around the country. The Dutch public transport is well organized and runs very often in the cities. The most important train company is the NS. You can find more information about the NS on If you want to find out how to get form your current location to your planned destination, you can use This website gives you different options for your journey, tells you which bus or train to take on what time.

Grocery stores and markets

In the Netherlands there is a huge variety of grocery stores.  The cheapest grocery stores are: Aldi and Lidl. More expensive ones are: Coop, Jumbo and Albert Heijn. The supermarkets have discounts on different kind of products every week. If you want to have those discounts at the Albert Heijn, you need a special card, the ‘Bonus kaart’. With that card you can get discounts on selected products. You can get that card for free at the service desk in every Albert Heijn. In the other grocery stores you don’t need a special card to get the discounts.Every Tuesday and Saturday there is a market in the city centre of Nijmegen. At the market you can buy relatively cheap fruits and vegetables. You can also buy bread, cheese and fish at the market.

 Weather forecast

Dutch people love to talk about the weather. It is perfect to have small talks about the weather because it is changing all the time. You might notice that the Dutch always complain about the weather, it is either too hot, too cold, too dry or too rainy. To check what the weather will be like, people check the weather forecast quite often. Do you want to know whether you need to take your umbrella or your sunglasses with you, check one of these websites:  or