Stressed with homework? Thinking about lectures all day? Need some time to relax?🧘🧘‍♂️
We have the perfect relaxing moment for you: For the Health and Well-being Week we are organizing an Online Yoga Class! As the first official event for the Sports Club we want to see as much support as possible! So feel free to join this empowering class and don’t forget to hit the interested button.
If you are planning to participate fill in THIS FORM
Our teacher for this class will be Roxanne Rengifo!
A little bit about her and her style of yoga:
“I teach mostly Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. But for this class I will most likely focus on the Vinyasa practice which is more like flowing through the poses. I always like to stick to the traditional yoga which is very spiritual so I always incorporate meditation, intention setting and breathwork in my classes. I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga for about 4 years now. Yoga is a lifestyle and I follow the yoga practices and philosophies every single day of my life. It’s my favorite way to reconnect with myself and find a moment of peace in my hectic days as a student.“