❕Important: All Welcome Weeks Packages are sold out! Due to the high amount of requests and the new corona restrictions, only people with a Welcome Weeks Package will be able to attend the event. We will contact the package buyers soon via email for their preferable time slots and events. If there will be additional spots left for people, who did not buy the package, we will communicate it via our socials! We do our best that as many people as possible can attend the events and we are already organising the next ones for September!❕

Are you interested in a fun night of good old board games?  Then you are at the right place!!! 

ESN Nijmegen presents Board Games night. During the evening we will play a lot of fun games, have a chat and you will have a chance to meet new people from around the world. Sounds fun right?  

We are welcome for all upcoming international and internationally minded Dutch students, but also the current ones. 

We will meet up at the Student Church. In case event cannot go through physically due to the corona measurements, we will adapt it to an online version of the games. 

Important: Due to the high amount of people who have already signed up and the new corona restrictions, the event will  take place in two time slots:

6:30pm to 8:15pm
8:15pm to 10pm

If you have any questions or accessibility needs, please contact us at: board@esnnijmegen.nl

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