As people, it is easier to create assumptions than spend the time knowing each other. We create certain assumptions based on how someone looks like. Basically, as the saying states: we are judging a book by its cover 📕
But what if we decided to read the content of the book first, and then see the cover? Inspired by the YouTube series “Tell my Story”, we are going to do a small social experiment with you all by a fun and interactive event! 🎉
During this event in Zoom, we are going to put you several times in a break out room with another person and we have one rule: you have your camera OFF! You two will have a conversation with each other. No worries about what to talk about, we will provide you with some topics to let is go as smooth as possible! After a few minutes, you have to answer questions about each other. When answered, the moment of reveal comes, you can turn on your camera’s and see each others beauty! Then you can discuss the answers you gave. And hopefully, you will find a new friend in each other! 💕
If you would like to participate with this event, please sign up via the following form Thursday 3rd of December, 11.59 CEST latest: