Bored of sitting inside all day long, staring at your screen? Want to enjoy the spring weather? Want to do something good for a charity? Then ESN, IFMSA, United Netherlands and ISON have the perfect activity for you. Our scavenger hunt through the city centre of Nijmegen is a fun, challenging and active way to explore the city. While making a nice walk, you will have to answer challenging questions on some of the hotspots Nijmegen has to offer. Still not motivated to join? If you really do your best, you can win a prize! The person with the best answers will win a prize! Are there more people with all the answers correct? Then we will raffle for the winner.
The best of all: you won’t be doing this for nothing. With participating in this activity you will help RAGweek raise money for two charities for only €2,00. What is RAGweek? It is a foundation that every year, together with the student and study associations of Nijmegen, raises money for two charities. This year the charities are De hond kan de was doen and Right to play. Check their websites out below! Sign up below and we'll send you the route description and questions!
When? 8-15 April
Where to sign up?

Where to hand in the answers?
How much? €2,00
(of course you can donate more if you want!)
Prize? Surprise!