Who doesn't love a good horror movie night, cuddled up on the couch with a drink and a bag of crisps?
First, we will watch a movie together on Netflix Party, while watching we will play a drinking game!
The rules of the drinking game will be added in the chat before the
movie starts 😉
You need to open the link on Google Chrome.
The installation of the chrome add on is super simple:
- go to www.netflixparty.com
- download Netflix party and add it to
We are going to watch the movie Friday the 13th, a link is shared which will lead to the Netflix party, to join just follow the link and click on the red Netflix Party button.
After watching the movie, we want to check if you paid attention and we will play a short Kahoot. Be sure to have a drink with you and some snacks, maybe a blanket so you can enjoy the evening to the fullest!!