Are you interested in languages and meeting people from other countries? Language cafe event can be the best place to do so! This is an event where you meet new friends from all over the world, practice your favorite language(s), and help others who are learning your language! Everybody is more than welcome to join, the more people, the more languages, the more fun!

What to expect?
Language Café works really simple. At the entrance, you will be met by one our team members. At the beginning of the event we start with an English table and as more people come and you find someone whom you want to practice another language - feel free to form a new language table. You can speak any languages you want, join any tables you like and switch tables during the event. You can practice a language or help someone with languages you speak - you choose :)

* every Thursday

* 19:30 until 21.30

* Cultuur cafe, Radboud Campus

* Freeeee entrance

See you there!
ISN Nijmegen Team🌍

  • Everyone is invited.