‘Language is more than a means of communication. It’s an introduction to living together in a culture. It's a way to learn seeing the world through the eyes of another person and if you are capable of seeing the world through the eyes of somebody else, you get to know yourself better.’ *
Whether you’d like to get better at language(s) that you already speak or just want to stay fluent in them, whether you’d like to learn the basics of a new language or find somebody to have a chat with in the language of your home country, Language Café is THE activity to go to! You can practice your Dutch for example, or help someone who is learning the language(s) you're fluent in. We'll start the evening with some nice little warmup, and then we'll divide into smaller 'language groups'. The concept used to be switch groups and come and go whenever you want. We'll experiment together how this will work online.
*O. Frick as cited by F. Timmermans (2012, April 19), loosely translated from Dutch