Its finally time to say goodbye to 2019 and to those of us who will be leaving at the end of this term!
Our final themed party of the year is our goodbye party, a chance to celebrate the past few months together and the amazing memories we have made! 

This will be one of our biggest parties and one which is not to be missed!! 
All night we will be playing the best songs of 2019 so be prepared to dance to all of your favourites!
We hope those of you who are leaving have had the best few months and what better way to top the year off than with one last ESN party to say goodbye to Radboud and to your new favourite city, Nijmegen!❤️❤️❤️

As always, arrive before midnight in order to claim your free shot!

* El Sombrero Nijmegen - Molenstraat 67, 6511 HB Nijmegen

See you ALL there ESNers, it’s going to be a big one!❤️