Once upon a time, 17 Erasmus student decided to go on a road trip through the Netherlands during Halloween. Little did they know, that the cities they visited were cursed and that the students would disappear one-by-one.
But the students were brave, and determined to finish their road trip, even though they lost their friends. And even in the last city, the last student disappeared.
But now, the legend says that the students are still in the cities, wandering the streets. And one time per year, during Halloween, the ghosts of the students can be seen.
But now we are curious if the legend is true. Will you help us to find the 17 Erasmus students? πŸ‘»
This will look like:
πŸŒ• You go to the Instagram Stories of one of us (all links will be provided at the end of the description). This will be your starting point
πŸŒ• You take a screenshot of the next story (or stories), in which the πŸ‘» is hidden
πŸŒ• You search for the πŸ‘» and mark or circle it
πŸŒ• You proceed your journey till you have found all 17 πŸ‘»
πŸŒ• Found all 17 πŸ‘» and want to win a prize*? Send your screenshots to communication@esn-nl.org with the title β€˜ESN Ghostbuster’ and your name!
πŸŒ• We will announce the winner on Sunday at 17.00!
The contest will be from Saturday the 31st of October 10.00 AM till Sunday the 1st of November 10.00 AM on the Instagram Stories. You will have the chance to send your screenshots till the 1st of November 11.59 AM.
Good luck! πŸ‘»
*Note that you can only win the prize when you live in the Netherlands.