Hello Travelers and Adventure seekers!!

Our next trip will leave you speechless and aw inspired, located just north of Amsterdam, the Zaanse Schans offers a
perfectly preserved glimpse into the Netherlands' industrial past with its traditional houses, windmills, warehouses
and workshops. You will be greeted by 11 different windmills, stunning little Dutch houses and plenty of local shops such as a
bakery, souvenir shops and a clog warehouse. Just walking around in the village admiring the iconic green wooden
houses and the windmills in the distance is already great fun. but there are a few things you definitely shouldn’t miss:

Chocolate Tasting at a Chocolate Factory
We will take you to taste 130 different kinds of chocolate. Optional: you can also do a half an hour workshop making your
own chocolate for just a small fee.

Visit De Zaanse Schans Clog Workshop
This small workshop has free admission.  Venture inside to see the “klompen-makers” in action

The first Albert Heijn store ever!!!
Albert Heijn is one of the biggest supermarkets in the Netherlands and Zaanse
Schans is home to the very first one to open in the Netherlands. It is a tiny building that still has the original furniture and
fixtures from 1887!

Go inside a windmill
Most of the windmills are open to the public. For a small fee you can see the windmills at work, milling oil, flour and 12
different spices. Seeing the construction of the windmills from the inside and the way they work is extremely impressive and
something you definitely do not see every day.

Just looking for somewhere nice for a walk?
Well, this is the perfect place! Walking around and exploring most of the windmill area is completely free, so it’s the perfect
place to go for a stroll and get those all- important insta-worthy shots. There are plenty of walking routes too, so there’s plenty to see.

And if you are not down with that, we have two words “ Cacao Smell”. Yes you heard it right, the moment you step out of the bus in
zaanse chans, you will smell delicious cacao all through the village, thanks to all the different chocolate factories in there.
Simply, the smell of cacao through the village is worth the whole trip even if you are not a chocolate fan.
There’s a lot to do and see there and that causes the tourists to flock there, but ESN knows a hidden gem there that the tourists
didn’t find about it yet, where there is picture perfect houses from a fairy tale story to see and the only you can see them is to
come to this trip.