Would you like the chance to eat a three course dinner in three different locations? Then this is the event for you!
This event will give you the chance to enjoy a delicious dinner and at the same time meet new people.

You can either sign up for a cooking or eating team:
 Cooking teams: You will need a team (max 2 people can sign up as a cooking team) and a location.
In case you sign up alone we will assign you one of our lovely committee members as team member.
Your duty is to prepare a three course meal: entrée, main course and desert.
You also have to providethe location for the dinner.

 Eating teams: Can sign up individually or in teams (up to 3 people per team).
Your only duty is to enjoy the food and travel to the next course location.

 DISCLAIMER: Drinks are not provided in this event. Make sure to bring your own refreshments.

Registration in your team of choice for this event is possible till December the 3rd.
Tickets can be bought at the ESN office during the Office Hours. Fill in the sign up form at the ESN office once you buy the ticket, as well!
After you sign up in your team of choice, information will follow duly via mail.

Cooking team member: 8 €  |  Eating team member: 10 €