You know that cute Dutch guy/girl in your class that you have been dying to talk to? 😘

Ever find yourself starving in City Center, but unable to read any menus so you just end up going to FEBO? 🍞

Hear a poppin’ song while out at El Sombrero and not know the name or what it is even about? 💃🏻🕺🏼

Or maybe, you’re biking to campus in the rain (again) and someone has the nerve to cut you off?! 🚲

Well join us on 13 March and learn all the necessary Dutch words you need to survive in Nijmegen. From food to pick-up lines to top Dutch hits, we got you covered!

There will be snacks and games! Be there or be square. 

Oh did we mention...IT IS FREE!! 💰💰💰