!!!Disco Alert!!!
What do you get when you combine a good party with the knocking down of some pins? Exactly, Disco bowling!
After 2 weeks of school we can imagine you could use some time to relax, we are organizing a night of Disco bowling at Olround.
If you want to meet new people while enjoying some drinks and have lots of fun, Then make sure to sign up and be ready to start your weekend the right way 🙂
Make sure to get your ticket at our office beforehand!
We're meeting at 21:00 in front of olround
ESN events during COVID-19
*If you have any symptoms, please stay home
*Always keep 1.5 meters distance
*Disinfect your hands
*Please fill in the form before the event: https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSclpNNkfaW.../viewform...
*Limited spots available *First come, first served*