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Sinterklaas Event: Dobbelen🧡

Dear Students of ESN Nijmegen,


When I heard the ESN’ers would be celebrating my birthday on the 5th of december,

I immediately knew it would undoubtedly become an event to remember

While I can’t bring you gifts since you are not quite children anymore,

I will cheer you on from afar to make sure this holiday will be better than any that came before

Other than this poem I will also leave some pepernoten for you to go eat,

As these traditional Dutch Sinterklaas snacks are always the best treat!

I hope you will enjoy this event as the start of december full of love,

Where your ESN friends will keep you company so you don’t miss your family too much



From Sinterklaas, with kind regards

Thankyou for celebrating my holiday, you are all stars!



On 5 December the Dutch holiday of ‘Sinterklaas’ is celebrated in the Netherlands! One Dutch game that is often played on Sinterklaas is called ‘dobbelen’ (literally ‘throwing dice’). It’s an exciting game where everyone brings a gift and you don’t know untill the very end which gift you are going to get!🎁

Come celebrate this holiday with us and get to know Dutch culture better in the proces🧡

Yummy Dutch pepernoten will be provided:)


📍 Giga-Bite Cafeteria, Huygens Building, Heyendaalseweg 135

✔️You can sign-up for this activity here

🎁  Make sure to bring a wrapped present worth €5,-

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