Committees are where we work our magic. Committees are small groups of students that like to organise events and activities for other internationally-minded students. Students often consider it very rewarding work and see it as very useful to develop skills such as teamwork, intercultural communication, and problem-solving. Any member of ESN Nijmegen can become a committee member, so we invite you to join in! It is great fun and an amazing way for making your time in Nijmegen more awesome! 

What's in it for you? An amazing life experience, meeting new people, getting yourself out there and working from behind the scene of a student organisation! Oh and did we mention the curriculum boost that comes with it? Interested in one of the committees listed below or want to know more about it? Contact our Internal Affairs manager Kirsty Poels by sending an email to and get this amazing adventure started!



Language Exchange Committee

The language Exchange Committee has as aim to bring together students from different countries, for the unique experience of sharing and learning a new language! Whether you might already have some previous knowledge of this language or if you just started studying it, this committee offers students the chance to get involved in a conversation with a mother tongue during a language café or to get a match with another native speaker of the language you want to learn. 



Event Committee 

This committee is responsible for all kinds of exciting informal and formal events throughout the year. Whether it is ice skating, bubble footbal or a visit to brewery de Hemel. If you are excited to participate in those events, than you yourself might be interested in joining the committee!




PR & Graphics Committee

The PR & Graphics committee is responsible for designing the innovative and creative promotion material used to promote the events organised by the other committees. The committee is also in charge of taking pictures at events. If you enjoy writing, photography, setting up communication plans, photoshopping or video editing, this is the place for you!


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Integration Committee

The Integration committee plays a key factor in making sure that students feel at home. It will organise activities related to integration. This can be workshops, small group meetings, and living room events. To further facilitate exchanging experiences and immersion in the Netherlands, the committee organises events to build bridge, also to differnt groups than students for a mutual benefit and to build perspective.


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Party Committee

Are you that person that stays at parties until the bar closes? Do you love showing off your dance moves? Or do you just want to organise all those themed parties that you already have in mind for years? Than this committee is made for you! It organises weekly parties at different bars in Nijmegen and several bigger parties throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to improve your networking and organisation skills in a great ambiance! 


Travel and Excursion Committee

As most of our members are international(ly minded) students, they are often interested in doing some traveling! ESN Nijmegen offers excursions throughout The Netherlands on a monthly basis, and through Europe several times a year, all organised by this committee. You could think of a Christmas market, visiting Keukenhof or going on a weekend city trip in Europe. Don't worry about this committee taking up too much of your time, we will ask you to sign up for a specific event.